Visiting The Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art (Las Vegas, NV)


Visiting The Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art (Las Vegas, NV)

For the next stop on my “Non-Vegas Vegas Roadtrip”, I wanted to check out a gallery I remember first hearing about way back in the 1990’s – the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

Visiting The Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art

The Gallery of Fine Art is located in the Bellagio’s Promenade Shops, across from the pool. The gallery is quite small comprised of only two rooms.

To my surprise, I learned the gallery has rotating exhibitions on display, but no permanent collection. During my visit, the gallery was featuring the Samurai exhibition.

The Samurai Exhibition

General admission to the Samurai exhibition is $18 for adults, guests of the Bellagio and Nevada residents pay only $16.


The Vincent Van Gogh Gallery (Adjacent To The Gallery of Fine Art)

Outside of the main gallery, past the gift shop, is another shop that has a small collection of Vincent van Gogh paintings on display.

The van Gogh room

The Sir Anthony Hopkins Gallery

That’s right, that Sir Anthony Hopkins. Next to the van Gogh room is another room dedicated to the works of the All-father himself. His works are intriguing and some are even kind of haunting. Who knew?

Works by Sir Anthony Hopkins on display

Final Thoughts: Visiting The Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art

I have to admit I was a little shocked at the petite size of the Gallery. Perhaps I had expected more of a “mini museum”. Nevertheless, I’m glad I finally checked it out and I’m glad I did so when they had a worthwhile exhibition like Samurai.

I think the $18 price may be a little steep for what you get, unless there is a particular artist or exhibition you want to see. In the end, this is another fitting item to add to my “Non-Vegas Vegas Roadtrip” itinerary.